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Floralsupplier.com also carries a wide variety of Holiday Party Supplies and Holiday Floral Supplies and Decorations that will help in making your holiday party or event special. From centerpieces, candles, floral holders, baskets, tea lights and many other holiday accessories to make your special day complete.

Shop our extensive line of wholesale holiday floral party supplies, candles and decorations for Easter, Valentines Day and Christmas . Floralsupplier.com offers wholesale pricing, same day shipping and simple returns with a money back guarantee.

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Single Design Bowl Hurricane Holder - Handy Floral
Sgl Dsn G/W
Our Price: $0.40
6" Single Design Bowl Available in green and white 5 7/8" opening and 2" high Holds 2/3 of a block of foam.

Hurricane Holder - Handy Floral
Centerpiece Tray 6inch Round Tray
Centerpiece Tray
Our Price: $1.20
6inch Round Tray
Our Price: $1.62
Centerpiece Tray Gr/Wh 6" Designer Tray
5 5/8" opening and 1 1/2" high
Available in clear, white and black.
Tea Lights in aluminum cup White Princess Basket
White Princess Basket
Our Price: $1.75
Tea Lights 5 Hours White 10/Box
Patrician brand candles from Candle Artisans
Quality Tea Lights in an aluminum cup.
Made in the USA
Painted White Princess Basket - Not White Washed!
Height 7" Open flaps 5" x 4"
Fits 3" Liner - Not included
Enclosure Cards Gold Bowl
Enclosure Cards
Our Price: $1.90
Gold Bowl
Our Price: $1.96
Enclosure Cards
50 Cards per pack
Gold Plastic Bowl
Measures 4 1/2" high and a 5" opening
Silver Bowl Iglu Holder
Silver Bowl
Our Price: $1.96
Iglu Holder
Our Price: $2.20
Silver Bowl
Measures 4 1/2" high and an opening of 5"
Iglu Holder
Pre-cut, caged pieces with two side tabs to allow for easy attachment to posts, candelabras, grapevine wreaths and more.
Made from Oasis Deluxe Floral Foam on rigid plastic base.
Spikes built into the base act as an anchor for taper candles.
Use as a centerpiece, or wire back-to-back to create a suspended floral display and more.
2 5/8" diameter x 2 1/2" high
Floating Disc Candle Gold Utility Bowl
Floating Disc Candle
Our Price: $2.30
Gold Utility Bowl
Our Price: $2.38
Floating Disc Candle 3"
Candle Artisans continues to make the highest quality hand dipped candles in the industry.
Individually wrapped.
Available in white and ivory.
Gold Utility Bowl - Plastic
Measures 2 3/4" high and a 6 1/4" opening
Silver Utility Bowl White Princess Basket
Silver Utility Bowl
Our Price: $2.38
White Princess Basket
Our Price: $2.50
Silver Utility Bowl
Measures 2 3/4" high and a 6 1/4" opening
Painted White Princess Basket - Not White Washed!
Height 8" Open flaps 6" x 4"
Fits 3" Liner - Not included
Design Bowl Western Pulp ReCreations 8 1/2inch Designer Tray
8 1/2inch Designer Tray
Our Price: $2.75

ReCreations - The Reinvention of Paper!
Design Bowl Western Pulp
Measures 2 1/2 inches high and 5 1/2 inch inside diameter.
Made with recycled paper, each ReCreations container is infused with ingredients from the earth, from pale flecks of Field Straw to richly textured Natural Bark to the verdant hues of Fresh Basil. The result is a collection that is strikingly beautiful. And one of the most economical on the market. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable Recreations containers are!

8 1/2" Designer Tray
8 3/8" opening and 1 1/2" high
Available in clear, white and black.
10 inch Trinity Urn 1/4" Clear Floral Tape
10 inch Trinity Urn
Our Price: $2.85
10" Trinity Urn with removable pick.
4" opening.
Available in Green, Ivory Sandstone and White
1/4" x 60 yards Clear Floral Tape.
Perfect for creating a design grid to assist in arranging flowers in vases.
Adheres to glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal.
Floral Foam Cone 9inch Ceramic Heart Pick
Floral Foam Cone 9inch
Our Price: $3.00
9" Oasis Floral Foam Cone.
Made of Oasisi Deluxe Floral Foam to securely hold the thickest of stems.
Pre-formed shape eliminates your labor for quick arrangements such as holiday centerpieces or topiaries.
9" H x 4" D
Ceramic Hearts on wooden pick
6 picks per package
Overall length 11"
Heart size 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Limited Quantities!
Hurry - These won't last!!