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Floralsupplier.com prides itself on having a large selection of wholesale floral foam. With name brands like Oasis and Aquafoam, at extremely competitive discount wholesale pricing.

Wet Floral Foam is mainly used for fresh flowers, because of how well it absorbs and feeds water. The foam consistently feeds water to your fresh flowers ensuring that the flowers will live the longest life possible and have many uses.

Styrofoam is mainly used for silk and dried flowers. Florist foam is one of the most common items used when designing. It is essential for every florist/designer.

We offer many different shapes and sizes, such as crosses, hearts and wreaths, and of course the standard bricks. Sizes range from small to very large. We are confident you will find the foam you need when shopping with floralsupplier.com.

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2 inch White Styrofoam Ball Single Design Bowl
Sgl Dsn G/W
Our Price: $0.40
2" White Styrofoam Ball 6" Single Design Bowl Available in green and white 5 7/8" opening and 2" high Holds 2/3 of a block of foam.

Centerpiece Tray 12 inch Styrofoam Cross
Centerpiece Tray
Our Price: $1.20
12 inch Styrofoam Cross
Our Price: $1.84
Centerpiece Tray Gr/Wh 12" Styrofoam Cross
4 inch White Styrofoam Ball Iglu Holder
Iglu Holder
Our Price: $2.15
4" White Styrofoam Ball Iglu Holder
Pre-cut, caged pieces with two side tabs to allow for easy attachment to posts, candelabras, grapevine wreaths and more.
Made from Oasis Deluxe Floral Foam on rigid plastic base.
Spikes built into the base act as an anchor for taper candles.
Use as a centerpiece, or wire back-to-back to create a suspended floral display and more.
2 5/8" diameter x 2 1/2" high
20 inch Styro Cross 1/4" Clear Floral Tape
20 inch Styro Cross
Our Price: $2.30
20" Styro Cross 1/4" x 60 yards Clear Floral Tape.
Perfect for creating a design grid to assist in arranging flowers in vases.
Adheres to glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal.
Floral Cake Foam
Our Price: $3.00
Floral Foam Cone 9inch
Our Price: $3.00
Floral Cake Foam Cylinder
Fits larger baskets and containers perfect for party work.
5 3/4" D x 3 7/8" H Standard Floral Foam
9" Oasis Floral Foam Cone.
Made of Oasisi Deluxe Floral Foam to securely hold the thickest of stems.
Pre-formed shape eliminates your labor for quick arrangements such as holiday centerpieces or topiaries.
9" H x 4" D
18 inch Styrofoam Cross Floracage Holder
18 inch Styrofoam Cross
Our Price: $3.00
Floracage Holder
Our Price: $3.20
18" Styrofoam Cross Floracage Holder
Sturdy cage provides additional support.
Eyelets at each end provide versatiliy for securing to easels, candelabras, etc.
Contains almost 1/2 brick of floral foam.
3" x 4" x 3 1/4"
Glitter Heart Pick
Corso Holder
Our Price: $3.25
Glitter Heart Picks
Our Price: $3.55
Corso Holder
Cage provides added support to designs ans allows you to insert stems on all sides.
3" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" opemn cage  encases 1/2 brick of Oasis Deluxe Floral Foam.
Cage opens on one side for easy attachment to lamposts, poles, or wreaths.
Glitter Heart Picks
40mm Styrofoam glittered hearts
17" long
10 per package
Available in Fuchsia, Red, Deep Red and Pink
10 inch Styrofoam Wreath
Floral Foam Cone 12inch
Our Price: $4.20
10" Styrofoam Wreath 12" Oasis Floral Foam Cone.
Made of Oasis Deluxe  Floral Foam to securely hold the thickest of stems.
Pre-formed shape eliminates your labor for quick arrangements such as holiday centerpieces or topiaries.
12" H x 5" D
10 inch Styrofoam Heart 24 inch Styrofoam Cross
10 inch Styrofoam Heart
Our Price: $4.45
24 inch Styrofoam Cross
Our Price: $4.66
10" Styrofoam Heart 24" Styrofoam Cross
12 inch Styrofoam Wreath
Spray Bars
Our Price: $4.74
Oasis floral Foam Bar glued to a base of Sahara ll Dry Foam, and wrapped in a perforated green poly film allows for quick soaking and limits evaporation.
Dry foam base allows for easy and secure attachment to easels or hooks.
Flower stems easily pierce poly cover without tearing the film beyond point-of-insertion.
12" L x 3 1/4" W x 3" H
12" Styrofoam Wreath